Learning Exercise

Fetal vs. Postnatal Circulation

Using animations and web based content the students learn about how blood flows through the heart before and after birth.
Course: Phisiology

This website includes multiple animations that illustrate several complex processes in human cardiovascular development.... see more



Fetal vs

Fetal vs. Postnatal




1. Go to: href="http://www.indiana.edu/~anat550/cvanim/tests/no_consent/pretest_fetcirc.html">style='mso-ansi-font-size:12.0pt;mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;mso-ascii-font-family:
"Times New Roman";mso-hansi-font-family:"Times New Roman"'>http://www.indiana.edu/~anat550/cvanim/tests/no_consent/pretest_fetcirc.html

2. Take the pretest
and print off the results.

3. Work through the
simulation and read the material provided.
Start with the fetal system and work through sections 1-4.style='mso-spacerun:yes'> Move on to the postnatal system and again go
through sections 1-4.

4. After you have
reviewed all of the material, including watching the animations, click ?Finish?
and take the posttest.

5. Print off your
answers with the correct answers.

6. Hand in your pre
and post tests for evaluation. (For 5 bonus you can
save the web pages of the results of your pre and post tests in a word document
and email them to the teacher)



Fetal vs. Postnatal Circulation

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Understand the path of blood through the heart before birth.
Understand the path of blood through the heart after birth.
Be able to descrbe the changes between Fetal and Postnatal Circulation.