Learning Exercise

ELL Literacy with NASA: Life on Mars?

This is a reading comprehension and social skills activity.
Course: 1st Grade

Solid reading comprehension and interaction lesson. see more


ELL Literacy with NASA: Life on Mars?

Grade Level: First Grade

Objectives: 1. Students will record data with drawings and phrases. 2. Students
will respond to questions.

CDE Language Arts: 2.0 Reading Comprehension: Comprehension and Analysis of
Grade-Level-Appropriate Text?: 2.2 Respond to who, what, when, where, and how
questions.?2.3 Follow one-step written instructions.?2.4 Use context to resolve
ambiguities about word and sentence meanings.?2.5 Confirm predictions about what
will happen next in a text by identifying key words.?2.7 Retell the central
ideas of simple expository or narrative passages.

CDE Science: Investigation and Experimentation. 4a: Draw pictures that portray
some features of the thing being described. 4b: Record observations and data
with pictures, numbers, or written statements.

CDE-ELL Literacy Component: Listening and Speaking (Beginner): Answer simple
questions with one to two word responses. Respond to simple directions and
questions using physical actions and other means of non-verbal communication
matching objects, pointing to an answer, drawing pictures). Begin to speak with
a few words or sentences, using a few standard English grammatical forms and
sounds (e.g., single words or phrases). Ask and answer questions using phrases
or simple sentences.

BTSA Component: Use for Standard 19 compliance.

Anticipatory Website:

Critical Tasks: (in any order) 1. Students should create visual images in order
to support their understanding. 2. Allow for one-on-one instruction as well as
group collaboration. 3. Model good English and habits. 4. Teacher/Students
discuss life on planets. 5. Teacher must model fluent reading of the text. 6.
Practice own and student ORAL delivery of content.

Assessment: Informally through observation and formally through the rubric
building website located at http://rubistar.4teachers.org/index.php


Technical Notes



Reading at grade level, some social skills.


Science, ELD, Language Arts, Technology

Learning Objectives

1. Students will record data with drawings and phrases. 2. Students will respond to questions.