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Dr. Troy Tenhet

Dr. Troy Tenhet


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Skills & Interests

  • Arts / Art History (Beginner)
    I'm just a beginner! I do love the painter named Paul Jackson Pollock. The art itself is interesting but the issues behind the art and his personal life are what intrigues me...My favorite painting of his is "Lavender Mist"
  • Education (Advanced)
    Creation of integrated Science, Language Arts, and Technology curriculum. Interested and involved in the instruction of EL Learners at 6th grade level and adult age.
  • Education (Advanced)
    I am an avid fan of Ray Bradbury...Favorite stories--"The Long Rain" and "There Will Come Soft Rains"


  • NASA
    Summer of Innovation Program Writer 05/2011 – Current
  • ORACLE Education Foundation
    Partner 01/2011 – Current
  • California Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (CAMTE)
    Math Teacher 03/2010 – Current

Education History

  • Doctorate Educational Leadership (12/2013)
    Fresno State University
  • MA in Education: Curriculum and Instruction (Educational Technology) (08/2004)
    California State University Bakersfield
  • Clear Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential (with CLAD) (06/2003)
    California State University Bakersfield


  • Tenhet, T. O.. (2012). Beyond School Walls:Connecting Students and Teachers Around the World in Huffington Post.
  • Tenhet, T. O.. (2012). Going Global: Adding a New Dimension to Your Classroom Through Epals and Skype in Tech & Learning Magazine.
  • Robin L. Flanigan. (2012). US Schools Forge Foreign Connections Via Web

Teaching Experience

  • Introduction to Teaching With Digital Technology (Current)
    • Fresno Pacific University – Educational Technology
    • Provides candidates with tools and expertise to be succesful online learners and technology competent teachers. Includes a tutorial for the online course management system and an orientation to university digital resources. A variety of the most current and effective uses of technology is explored.
  • Creating on the Web (Current)
    • Fresno Pacific University – Educational Technology
    • Gives participants experience and builds their knowlege and skills with creating web-based content. Includes a look at web 2.0, as well as professional web design software. Management issues and a thorough knowledge of servers and server-based online tools are included as well.
  • Foundations in Educational Technology (Current)
    • Fresno Pacific University – Educational Technology
    • Offers a historical perspective on the field of educational technology, its major content and a view of future trends. Activities focus on developing knowledge and skills that prepare candidates for leadership roles in many areas of applying technology in school.


  • English
    • Speaking level: Advanced
    • Reading level: Advanced

Honors & Awards

  • Donors Choose-Chevron Grants (multiple) (01/2011)
    Chevron, through Donors Choose, has so far funded six of my projects for my classroom.
  • Ancient Coins for Education Ad Astra Award 2010 (05/2010)
    This was awarded to me by Ancient Coins for Education in response to my use of ancient Roman coins to enhance the teaching of ancient civilizations.
  • Epals Teacher Ambassador 2010 (Cultural Exchange Award) (04/2010)
    One of the awarded teacher-users of ePals.


  • Using ePals and Skype to Reach the World, 04/21/2012
    This is a virtual conference presentation that covers my experiences with ePals and Skype in the classroom.
  • Using TASIM to Measure Student Intent With iPads, 03/09/2012
    A presentation to Corcoran Unified School District in regards to an instrument that I built to measure student motivations behind the use of an iPad both in the classroom and at home.
  • GLE-Using Skype to Reach the World, 10/16/2010
    Solid presentation on GLE and its involvement with classrooms and experts around the world via SKYPE.


  • CTAP Level 3 Mentor/Instructor (10/2005 – Current) Kern County Superintendent of Schools
  • Curriculum Writer (06/2010 – Current) NASA/AERO Institute
  • ESL Level 4 Instructor (08/2005 – Current) Bakersfield Adult School-KHSD