Learning Exercise

Theme-based cross-curriculum learning

K8 classrooms often design experiential instruction with a unifying theme to help children see connections among the various topics they master. This task for administrators or K8 teachers emphasizes the need to associate experiential learning with the expected student outcomes.
Course: Teaching Methods; Curriculum Development; Leadership

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Review the Peer Reviews and Member Comments about The Paper Project on MERLOT. Then navigate the site. Take notes about expected student outcomes from integrated theme-based learning from the paper project. Identify the taget grade level you would teach and use the Align to Achieve - Academic Standards e-Library to find the standards you would help students meet by using Paper Project resources. Identify expected outcomes that you, as a teacher, value in addition to the published standards that are relevant to your region and the target grade level.

Technical Notes

3D glasses are required to access some parts of the Paper Project - so havd the users follow the instructions provided on The Paper Project web site to make 3D glasses.


Basic understanding of pedagogical theory and knowledge of standards-based instruction


cross-referenced academic standards, theme-based learning, essential questions, curriculum development

Learning Objectives

(1) To benchmark theme-based instruction to relevant academic standards; (2) To provide public leadership and advocacy on behalf of the movement to raise academic standards and improve student performance through experiential theme-based instruction.