Learning Exercise

Characteristics of Bureaucratic Organizations

This simple assignment can be used for helping students to understand the dynamics and workings of bureaucratic organizations.
Course: Sociology, Management, Organization Design

Excellent website that covers some of the classic concepts in Weberian thought. Discusses concepts such as the ideal... see more


Go to the Max Weber website and read the link on Bureaucracy. Write a 1-2 page
paper on an organization that you are familiar with which meets Weber
description of a bureucratic organization. Provide concrete illustrations and
examples for each of Weber's key characteristics of burearucracy.

In addition, please address these two questions:
What are the positive features of bureaucracy?
What aspects of bureaucratic organizations are problematic? Why?




Bureaucracy, structure, rationality, sociology of organizations

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

1. To understand the dynamics of bureaucratic organizations
2. To describe and identify the key components of bureaucractic organizations