Learning Exercise

Keirsey Temperment Sorter

A 70-item online personality questionnaire that provides a rough indicator of temperment and correlates .75 with the Myers-Briggs method of personality assessment.
Course: Educational Psychology

The Keirsey Temperment Sorter II is an online personality questionnaire that provides a rough indicator of temperment.... see more


I ask my students to go to this website on their own and complete the 70-item questionnaire. I also ask them to read the information provided on the website to learn more about temperment and about their own profile. Later in class we see how many people fall into each categorey and I provide additional information and answer their quesitons. We then brainstorm ways this might be useful information for teachers. We also discuss possible abuses of this information. Students often share their personal insights and understandings after having completed this questionnaire. Often I refer to this information later when students have opportunities to work in groups on projects and assignments.

Technical Notes

This site is very simple to use. Students should just click on the responses they choose for each of the items in the questionnaire. When they complete all 70 items and submit their responses they will instantly receive a profile of their scores.


Students should understand that these kinds of measures of temperment or personality are only indicators and that what individuals do with their lives is not limited to these categories. The point of learning about different personality types and temperment is to appreciate individual differences and perhaps to provide some insight into one's own behaviors.


Personality, temperment, individual differences, motivation

Learning Objectives

To understand that people have varying personality types and temperments that may influence how they approach learning and working with other people. Understanding individual differences in temperpment may be useful to teachers as they try to motivate their students.