Learning Exercise

American Dance Sites Research and Reflection

This assignment is designed to heighten awareness and depth of understanding of dance and K-12 dance education in America. Exploration, target information and educational reflection are all part of the research.
Course: EDCI 312: Arts Integration

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (AAADT) was borne from a now-fabled performance that took place on March 30, 1958, in... see more


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An Art Education Assignment: Developing Meaningful Lessons

Cris Guenter, Ed.D.

Department of Education

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Visit these two national dance sites and report your findings.

Visit the The National Museum of Dance at


Be sure to read about the Museum Information and check out the Teacher's Study Guide. Doing this will help you develop a national and global sense of dance and dance education. Seeing what is offered for students helps reinforce what is appropriate for students to be learning and doing with dance and movement at particular age levels. Read and explore answers to these questions:

Did you know we had a National Museum of Dance? Give a rationale for your answer no matter what it is.

What other K-12 subjects could you relate to the study of dance?

Visit the The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre at


Read and explore to find answers to these questions:

Who is Alvin Ailey?

How did the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre get its start?

Who is Judith Jaminson and what has she done with her life?

What kind of arts in education outreach does The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre do?

Visit the additional URL,
The National Dance Association
, noted above, to find out more about dance education issues and help you formulate your summary comments.

Summarize the answers to the questions above, and your thoughts, impressions and reactions to K-12 dance education in America based on your visits and exploration of these two national dance sites. Consider what you have personally experienced in your educational career as your write. Your summary should be at least four paragraphs in length.

Using a designated bulletin board forum, listserve, or e-mail method established by your instructor, report your findings with at least a four paragraph summary which and demonstrates good writing skills. Your instructor will also indicate when this assignment is due.


Technical Notes

There is a video clip of the Alvin Ailey Dance Company at their web site. It is in .avi format. QuckTime or some other application that reads .avi format will be needed to view the video clip.


Awareness of developmental levels of teaching children


Dance in America; K-12 dance education; arts educational outreach

Learning Objectives

1. Students will visit two designated online American dance sites to read and record information about dance, dancers, and what is offered for K-12 students.

2. Students will submit thoughtfully written answers to prompts for each dance site, as well as provide an overall summary reflection of the site visits and what they gained from the research.