Learning Exercise

Arts Integration Storytelling Assignment: Aligning Integration with National Standards for Arts Education

This assignment combines storytelling and the many ways that a story can be told with practice in aligning arts teaching with National Standards for Arts Education.
It is geared for student teachers who are learning about national standards, lesson planning and developmental levels of their students.
Course: EDCI 312: Arts Integration; EDTE 228A: Arts Methods

The National Standards for Arts Education includes expectations for K-12 dance, drama/theater, music and visual arts... see more


Arts Integration and Storytelling

Arts Integration Storytelling Assignment: Aligning Integration with National Standards for Arts Education

Featuring the National Standards for Arts Education and
online folklore, myth or legend stories

Cris Guenter, Ed.D.

Department of Education

CSU, Chico

Part 1

Storytelling provides an excellent opportunity to integrate the arts with each other. Your task is to locate an online story that is folklore, myth or legend AND that you feel has potential for integrating the arts in some creative manner. Select a target grade level for using the story you select. Consider the developmental levels of your students.

1. Identify the name of the story

2. Identify the URL of where this story can be found online

Here are some storytelling web sites to help get you started:

Folklore, Myth, and Legend at


Effective Storytelling at


Telling Family Stories at


Storytelling and More! at


Storyteller.Net Amphitheater at


Pizzaz! Creative Writing and Storytelling Ideas at


Part 2

Review the introductory Information about The National Standards for Arts Education at

to understand why arts integration can help to promote learning and effective teaching.

Then using the actual National Standards for Arts Education at

and the story you selected above, construct a chart that shows how some of the arts will be integrated and some of the content standards met.

For each of the three grade groupings (K-4, 5-8, and 9-12) in the National Standards for Arts Education:

  • Select at least two of the four arts (Dance, Drama, Music or Visual Art).

  • Select at least one content standard for each of the arts you have selected.

  • Describe how the integration will occur in at least two thoughtful paragraphs.

    The example below shows you how to organize your chart. Be sure to include all three grade groupings. (The example only shows the first one, K-4.)

    Example for reporting information:

    Integrating the Arts and Storytelling

    Your Name

    Story Title Here

    URL for story goes here

    National Standards for the Arts K-4 Level

    Music K-4

    Content Standard #1: Singing, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music

    Theatre K-4

    Content Standard #2: Acting by assuming roles and interacting in improvisations

    Two well-written and thoughtful paragraphs here that describe how your story will be used to address the two content standards noted above and integrate Music and Theatre in the curriculum.

    Part 3

    Using a designated bulletin board forum, listserve, or e-mail method established by your instructor, submit your well-written and organized examples for integrating the arts with storytelling at the three different grade level groupings. Your instructor will indicate when this assignment is due.


    The instructor may wish to involve the student teachers in this assessment process by having them conduct peer reviews, individually or in pairs, or the completed assignments. Then an overall class discussion could be conducted to reflect on what has been learned and how it can be applied in future lessons and teaching. Peer reviews of the submitted charts would include looking for lesson ideas at the different age level groupings, age appropriateness, and proper alignment with the National Standards for Arts Education.

  • Audience

    Technical Notes

    Internet searching capabilities


    awareness of developmental levels in learning; some experience working with children; beginning understanding of lesson planning and national standards


    Storytelling; lesson development; National Standards for Arts Integration

    Learning Objectives

    1. Student teachers will be able to go online, conduct a search and find a story that is folklore, myth or legend and demonstrate appropriate integration activities at three different levels.
    2. Student teachers will be able to access the National Standards for Arts Education and review the differences in expectations for the three designated age groupings.
    3. Student teachers will develop and submit an organized chart with supporting paragraphs of how their selected stories are integrated among the arts, aligned with the National Standards for Arts Education, and promote good teaching skills.