Learning Exercise

Helping Parents Understand IDEA

The main piece of special education legislation, IDEA, is often cumbersome to discuss with parents. This assignment explores other avenues of providing this information to parents.
Course: IEPs and Legislation

The IDEA Practices site is designed to assist teachers, school administrators, and related service professionals... see more


1. Visit the IDEA Practices website (http://www.ideapractices.org).

2. Imagine that you are sitting at an IEP meeting as the special education
teacher and you are attempting to cover the basic elements of IDEA with parents
who are new to you.

3. Describe how you might introduce this site to the parents.

4. What specific areas might you tell them to investigate at this site?




Working knowledge of IDEA



Learning Objectives

To learn the basic concepts of IDEA that need to be conveyed to parents.
To find alternative routes of explanation.