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The IDEA Practices site is designed to assist teachers, school administrators, and related service professionals implement recent changes to the nation's primary special education law, IDEA97. This site provides up-to-date hyperlinked versions of the IDEA 97 Law and Regulations, informed analyses, summaries, FAQs, and other resources which all demonstrate best practices and strategies that work for students with disabilities. The IDEA Practices...

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Yessenia Luckeheide
Yessenia Luckeheide (Teacher (K-12))
9 years ago
Generalmente, asociamos las necesidades educativas especiales a carencias, trastornos o dificultades de aprendizaje, pero no observamos que no solo lo intelectual se relaciona con la necesidad especial de un niño o niña, también lo es cuando las habilidades sociales están disminuídas o existe poco entendimiento respecto al tema.
Samad Dimbie-Mumuni
10 years ago

The expetise of the CEC on matters relating to the education of exceptional children is invaluable. I reviewed the CEC's Professional Policies and Positions on Response to Intervention and saw that a lot of comprehensive analysis has taken place.

The three approach to implementing RTI has been well explained making it relatively easy for use by all sstakeholders in the education of children with disabilities.

When I first studied RTI into detail, I was a bit confused about RTI implementation at the third tier level. My confusion stemed from the fact that if the maximum range of interventions of RTI at the third tier were rigourously implemented and to the letter, then the need for subsequent referral of any student for evaluation for the purposes of receiving special education services were quite minimal. However, I see that the position of the CEC's position is similar to that of the federal legislation in that the process of RTI implementation is not necesarily an end by itself.

This s yet another demonstration of the CEC's invaluable role as a pioneer in advocating, shaping and upholding the interests of persons with disabilities.

Time spent reviewing site: I hour
grace isaacson ibáñez
grace isaacson ibáñez (Content Developer/Instructional Designer)
10 years ago

La claridad de la información que proporciona el texto sin duda facilita mi labor en aula especial.

Time spent reviewing site: 1 hora
Amy Gerney
Amy Gerney (Faculty)
12 years ago

I have used this tool in my occupational therapy classes.  The Primer offers a good overview of the law.  This is a good example of how dynamic legislation is and how important it is to keep up with the changes that evolve over time.  The Council for Excpetional Children is a recognized leader of resources and this particular topic is covered extensively.

Used in course? Yes
Tamarah Ashton
Tamarah Ashton (Faculty)
22 years ago

The IDEA Practices website contains an incredible amount of information related
to IDEA, the nation's fundamental special education law. I have used this site
with special education teaching credential candidates in a course related to
IEPs and special education legislation. Seeing how the law is actually carried
out, hearing about ongoing legislation as it relates back to IDEA, and having a
clearinghouse of information available to them was an invaluable experience. I
found the most beneficial part of the site to be the sections where IDEA is
related to areas that are of utmost concern to students as they go through their
training programs - areas such as assessment, cultural and linguistic
diversity, curriculum and instruction, family and community, and general