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BIO 101/102: General Biology--Plant Biology

This collection focuses on botany sites.

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  • University of Wisconsin Botanical Image Library
    A collection of images of plants and fungi compiled by faculty and staff in the University of Wisconsin System
  • Botany: Dealing With The Unknown
    Botany: Dealing With The Unknown (Reference Material)
    These are course notes for a botany course. The sections on plant tissues, stems, roots , and leaves have particularly... More
  • Virtual Foliage
    Virtual Foliage (Collection)
    A compendium of thousands of pictures of plants and plant structures organized phylogenetically
  • Connecting Concepts: Plant Biology/Water Relations
    This site has an excellent presentation on water potential and its relation to movement of water within a plant. In... More
  • Plant Anatomy Laboratory
    Plant Anatomy Laboratory (Open (Access) Textbook)
    This site is being developed by James D. Mauseth at the University of Texas, who is the author of Plant Anatomy. This... More
  • Missouri Flora Website
    Missouri Flora Website (Collection)
    This Website provides pictures and information on the Flora of Missouri. The photogallery is categorized by flower color... More