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A collection of resources to aid in teaching communication and speech courses.

Collection Content

  • Using the Keirsey Temperament Sorter to Determine Communication Styles
    Fun for exploring personality types.
  • Big Dog's Leadership Page
    Big Dog's Leadership Page (Reference Material)
    Looks like very interesting and helpful activities and information related to leadership.
  • Virtual Presentation Assistant
    This is a helpful tool in preparing an audience analysis to aid in preparing a speech or composition.
  • Problem Solving Techniques
    The tools on this page are not all appropriate to solving communication problems but there are some good techniques... More
  • Presentation Skills
    Presentation Skills (Tutorial)
    Possibly a valuable site--needs further assessment
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills Test
  • Big Dog's Human Resource Development Page
  • Improve Your Communication Skills
    This is a terrific collection of articles spotlighting various aspects of communication--Introduction to Communication... More
  • Working collaboratively learning object
    Nice opportunities for learning and participating.
  • Classrooms Full of Stars: Theater Games in the Social Sciences
    Interesting use of drama in the classroom. Very well explained and the videoclips are helpful.