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Technology and Learning

The purpose of this collection is to identify sites that explore how to use technology to improve student learning.

Collection Content

  • American Studies Crossroads Project
    Sponsored by the American Studies Association,the American Studies Crossroads Project is an international networking and... More
  • UMUC-Verizon Virtual Resource Site for Teaching with Technology.
    UMUC Virtual Resource Site for Teaching with Technology
  • Applying Learning Theories to Classroom Practices
    Understanding Learning Theories to Design Learning Environments Where Students Thrive
  • Learning Objects Portal
    The Learning Objects Portal provides a variety of hands-on applications to understand learning object theory.
  • Authentic Assessment Toolbox
    The Authentic Assessment Toolbox site is a tutorial for learning all about authentic assessment. It is presented with... More
  • U of M Syllabus Requirements
    U of M Syllabus Requirements (Reference Material)
    This site provides a tutorial for developing an effective syllabus for print or online use.
  • Copyright Practice
    Copyright Practice (Tutorial)
    This site has a series of lessons on copyright isses with online materials.
  • FAST (Free Assessment Summary Tool)
    This is a powerful--and free!--program that faculty can use for developing instruments to evaluate.
  • Technology Bites - Using Technology in Teaching
    This site is a blog within which is identified a series of blogs related to using technology in teaching and learning.