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FAST (Free Assessment Summary Tool)

This is a powerful--and free!--program that faculty can use for developing instruments to evaluate their courses. The program is especially useful for student evaluations of instructor and for formative and summative evaluations of the course.


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Bruce Ravelli
Bruce Ravelli (Faculty)
1 year ago
Wow, do I feel old. But, the software is still running, continues to be free and ensures complete anonymity at: We have been translated into 7 languages, includes ability to insert/confirm ethics and informed consent, download your data whenever you want and a database with over 1,000 questions in multiple formats. Enjoy. And yes, we were available before SurveyMonkey :) /Bruce
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 20 years
Alicia Merino Gamboa
Alicia Merino Gamboa (Teacher (K-12))
2 years ago
I plan to implement it with my education students, I think we can learn a lot and get a lot out of it.
Thomas Nolan
Thomas Nolan (Faculty)
20 years ago
I spent about 90 minutes reviewing this site and experimenting with it to design
an assessment instrument.

This site helps instructors to design and administer web-based course
assessments. The site provides users with a simple online tool for assessing
their students? impressions of their courses and their teaching. Instructors
can then open a proactive dialogue with students about teaching, the course, and
the entire learning process.

An immediate benefit of this is that it integrates assessment as a formative
process throughout the delivery of the course so that changes can be made
immediately--during the course--to benefit the students who are giving the
feedback, rather than receiving feedback after the course is completed.

The program is easy for instructors to administer and easy for students to use.
It allows students to contribute their feedback anonymously. It provides a
graphic summary of results.
Tim Schwob
Tim Schwob (Faculty)
18 years ago
I found this site very helpful. I spent approximately 1 hour (shorter if on T3 line) setting up a four-question survey for one of my courses. The students found it easy to respond. The quality of the data obtained is, or course, related to the quality of the survey questions generated. That being said, the ANONYMOUS information that is generated is very valuable. I would encourage others to set up the survey so that students can see what others have said.

Technical Remarks:

Finding a course is more difficult than it needs to be. It is supposed to be alphabetical, but that isn't apparent. Finding by instructor is even more time-consuming if your last name begins with a letter near the end of the alphabet. A search function would help useability greatly.
Used in course? Yes
Manasa Rizk
Manasa Rizk (Student)
16 years ago
• FAST is an assessment tool which enables students to anonymously submit feedback about their course and their instructors • A teacher can build his or her survey to up to 20 questions and he or she can change any of them at anytime • Students can complete the survey online, and all data will be stored on an Excel spreadsheet • Teachers have access to the internet and the spread sheet to view students' comments • It is very easy to manipulate this data into graphs for further analysis • The software is free, you just need to register and password will be sent to you and you may begin to build your survey • This program being used by more than 20,000 users at various institutes.
Michelle Farley
Michelle Farley (Staff)
15 years ago
As an online instructor, this tool seems like something that I would easily incorporate into my courses. I like the functionality of the spreadsheets as well as the password protected access. Because it is specific to assessment in education, it would seem to be more effective than other tools such as survey monkey,etc.
Flor Bondal
Flor Bondal (Faculty)
14 years ago
After reviewing this site, I can see how this can be use in online course evaluations. I especially like the spreadsheets and report graphs that it generate.
Betsy Eudey
Betsy Eudey (Faculty)
14 years ago
FAST is a great tool for creating online surveys, especially if you use questions from their own database. Open ended questions are rather easy to create, but the creation of multiple choice or likert scale questions is more difficult because of the challenge of matching the question wording to the response choices. There is now a tooFast in beta format that I have not yet tested. If you don't already have access to online survey tools, or want to ask more questions than is possible in Survey Monkey this seems to be a good option. The availability of the question database is very helpful for those need ideas about the types of topics about which feedback should/could be obtained, or who need help with wording.

Technical Remarks:

fairly easy to use, and it seems to load pretty quickly via high speed internet.
Time spent reviewing site: 25 minutes
Milton McClary
Milton McClary (Faculty)
4 years ago
I believe that this program is useful for student teacher assessments!