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Regressional Analysis


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  • Introduction to Minitab
    This is a great tutorial for students who are beginning to use minitab. It walks them through many of the basic... More
  • Probability/Statistics Object Library
    This web site uses applets to give students a basic understanding of many statistical ideas, using visual... More
  • Multiple Linear Regression Analysis
    This site can help students understand and visualize the concept of multiple regression.
  • PredInt.xls
    PredInt.xls (Simulation)
    Some students may not have access to minitab to investigate multiple regresssion with prediction intervals. This macro... More
  • Linear Regression Calculator
    This program allows students to investagate the concept of the line of best fit, with data of there choice. This will... More
  • Solving Systems of Equations
    This applet solves systems of linear equations; giving students a basic understanding before trying to use them with... More
  • Regression Analysis with Diagnostic Tools
    This web site gives much of the same information about linear regression with two variables as minitab, but in a much... More
  • Measuring for Accuracy
    Measuring for Accuracy (Collection)
    Students can enter actual and predicted data; while exploring aspects of percent error.
  • Scattered Diagram
    Scattered Diagram (Collection)
    This applet addresses outliers. The concept of an outlier is useful when looking at a set of data to determin if a... More
  • Scatterplot and Correlation Coefficient
    This is a great visual for students who are trying to conceptionally understand correlation coefficients. They can chose... More
  • Linear Regression
    Linear Regression (Presentation)
    If there is a spanish speaking student this site will help explaine how to calculate linear regression, in there native... More