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for Technology for music educators

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  • DSO Kids
    DSO Kids (Animation)
    A good intro to music and what it can do in the Symphony Orchestra setting.
  • Reading Music
    Reading Music (Tutorial)
    simple and easy way of teaching young people to learn to read music
  • Music Theory Learning Objects for Drill and Practice
    Great for studying theory at its core concepts
  • Sound worksheets for kids
    helps kids identify simple things. Very useful for basic eat training
  • Java Music Theory
    Java Music Theory (Simulation)
    another great source for music theory practice
  • Intuitive instruments for improvisers
    great for improve skill development for a jazz band
  • The Museum of Musical Instruments
    The Museum of Musical Instruments (Reference Material)
    good for a quick lesson on music history, and expelling how to create a style of the time period through your... More
  • Musipedia
    Musipedia (Collection)
    For that piece that is always in my head that I can't remember the name of, this will help a ton.
  • New Music Online Library
    New Music Online Library (Reference Material)
    great for finding scores and parts for pieces that I would someday like to play with my students.
  • BBC - Orchestra Guide
    BBC - Orchestra Guide (Reference Material)
    great introduction to the orchestra and how it all works.