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World War I

This collection is intended to introduce students to World War I in a World History course. It provides primary sources such as diary entries and government documents. It also contains virtual exhibits from musemums, which allows students to learn about how the war affected lives not involved in warfare. This collection also contains a case study that gives context to what may have caused the war. The sources also attempt to be diverse in the sense that more topics are addressed alongside the war, such as the post war era and racism in America. As long as students have access to internet, they can stay up to date with the Unit lesson if they miss class. This collection will provide them with the necessary tools to learn about the first World War in a global perspective; furthermore, it allows them to explore more sources and stories that will not be covered in class.


Collection Content

  • World War I Document Archive
    This bookmark has a plethora of primary sources that students can engage with. Some sources contain English... More
  • National WWI Museum and Memorial
    This bookmark is primarily driven from an American perspective, and is intended to highlight some stories about specific... More
  • The Spanish Flu and Its Legacy: Science Cases for Classroom Use
    This bookmark is an interesting inclusion because it addresses the Spanish Flu, its outbreak, and its relationship with... More
  • World War I and Postwar Society - The African American Odyssey: A ...
    This source highlights how African Americans reacted to their discrimination abroad and domestically during the war. It... More
  • Causes of World War I Kiosk
    This case study will teach students to critique the common notion that WWI started with the assassination of Archduke... More
  • When World War I ended, the civil rights movement was just getting ...
    This bookmark entry is meant to go alongside the source about African Americans facing discrimination, yet it broadens... More