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Health Science - Health Inequities

This collection focuses on health inequities that exist in society today and places a specific emphasis on improving the health literacy of students. In order for the health space to become more inclusive, diverse, and equitable, students must first comprehend some of the harsh inequities that exist in society today.


Collection Content

  • Health Equity | CDC
    Health Equity | CDC (Reference Material)
    This multi-faceted resource includes information on several health disparities. Some of these disparities include oral... More
  • Black Women's Maternal Health:
    This resource highlights the drastic disparity that exists between pregnancy-related deaths amongst black women compared... More
  • Racism, Inequality, and Health Care for African Americans
    This resource discusses the disparity in lack of access to quality health care that strongly affects African Americans... More
  • Rural Health Disparities Overview - Rural Health Information Hub
    This resources explores the difference in available resources and access to health care in rural regions of the US... More
  • Healthy Food Access - RWJF
    This resource includes information on communities that are trying to improve access to healthy food for all individuals.
  • The Genetic Basis of Type 2 Diabetes in Hispanics and ... - Frontiers
    This resource seeks to identify why Hispanic individuals have a significantly higher prevalence of becoming a Type 2... More