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Materials for Teaching about Race and Ethnicity

Materials on historical, sociological, and legal issues regarding race and ethnicity.

Collection Content

  • Whites in the Land of the Blues: Ethnicity, Race and Class in the Mississippi Delta
    Rich site, although apparently not fully developed yet, on race in the Mississippi delta. Includes detailed text,... More
  • Understanding Prejudice
    Can assign interactive quizzes on prejudice issues as student homework assignments. Other elements of site might also be... More
  • Exploring Constitutional Law
    Site on constitutional issues with brief summaries of the issues and slightly longer summaries of relevant cases on a... More
  • Asian-Nation: The Landscape of Asian America
    Very attractive, easy to navigate, comprehensive site on Asian Americans (stereotypes about Asian Americans, Asian... More
  • Race: The Power of an Illusion
    Companion website to film by the same title. Six interesting interactive modules on social construction of race,... More
  • Implicit Association Tests
    Harvard's Implicit Association Tests site, including information about how the tests work as well as the ability to take... More
  • Fight hate and promote tolerance
    Fight hate and promote tolerance (Reference Material), project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Includes articles on current topics in race, class, and other... More
  • Eugenics Archive
    Eugenics Archive (Reference Material)
    Virtual exhibit on the eugenics movement (philosophy, activities, Buck vs. Bell case, etc.).
  • Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project
    Snazzy site with brief pieces of text, as well as photos and audio, about the internment of Japanese Americans during... More
  • Multicultural Pavilion
    Multicultural Pavilion (Collection)
    Gorski's site on multicultural education. Variety of materials including articles, quotes about multiculturalism,... More