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Fight hate and promote tolerance

Fight hate and promote tolerance seeks to create a national community committed to human rights. Its goal is to awaken people of all ages to the problem of hate and intolerance, to equip them with the best tolerance ideas and to prompt them to act in their homes, schools, businesses and communities. Hate can only be conquered by resident-activists willing to promote tolerance. You may already be one of them. The ideas in this guide will help foster tolerance in yourself, your family, your schools, your workplace and your community. Some of the ideas are things to do. Some are things to think about. Some are things to remember. Ideas are relevant to self, home, school, workplace, community. Hate, bias, and tolerance news are reviewed systematically.


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Michael Miller
Michael Miller (Student)
16 years ago
This is a great website about tolerance. There are many different categories to
few for teachers, parents, teens, and kids. The website offers different sub
pages that a person can go to for information about hate groups, how to respond
to it, and information that goes on in everyday life about it. I think it is
also a great website to hear personal examples of hate all around the world. The
website gives a teacher enough content for new curriculum and allows the
teacher to search for job openings. There are also links to the hate groups
established throughout the world so students get a first hand opportunity to see
what actually goes on with a hate group. It is also beneficial to see how many
hate groups there are in the United States. Each state has different groups that
you can view if you click on the state. Overall I was entertained by this
article for quite some time. I highly recommend anyone out there to take a look
at how are nation responds to this website.
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Kimberly Swanson
Kimberly Swanson (Student)
16 years ago
Overall this is a great idea. Hate needs to be talked about EARLY in age and it
should start at school. I believe that if it starts in the classroom the
attitude at home will eventaully change toward hate. Thre is so much diversity
in the classroom and that is where hate is centralized. Children need to learn
that hate is NOT the answer. Today our world is becoming so much mreo diverse
and hate is becoming a bigger issue. We are seeing more and more Afrian
Americans, Hispancis, and Asians coming into America to have a better life and
we are not allowing them that because of hate and our children are seeing this
and acting as we do. Our children need to be educated on how hate can not be a
part of our country we are the land of the free and we cant have hate a part of
this. I beleive that bring hate education into the classroom is a great idea
because of how diverse everything is becoming and how much bigger it will be in
5, 10, 20 years!
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Angela Sanders
Angela Sanders (Staff)
16 years ago
I loved this website, it's very easy to use and is broken down to attract
certain groups of people (teachers, students etc..)It gives tons of information
that is vital to all.I only spent about 20 minutes browsing through the site and
read for about 20 mintes. I would use this site in my classroom. It's
eddectiveness is very high. It's an easy read and everyone can relate to all of
the material.
Used in course? Yes
Nikki Norville
Nikki Norville (Student)
16 years ago
I really liked this website, it caught my eye and kept me reading. I could
spend a long time with this site and although I originally planned on browsing,
I actually ended up spending 20-30 minutes just reading. The quality of content
was nice and it was very easy to use and understand. The effectiveness of this
can help both students and faculty learn many different things. I feel that
because of how easy to use this website is, first timers will not have a problem
exploring and learning new things. I did not have any problems with this site
and enjoyed using it.
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