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A collection of quality online material to inspire my own creativity

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  • Humankind: Voices of hope and humanity
  • Quia Web Activity Manager
    Quia Web Activity Manager (Drill and Practice)
    Quia online quiz building
  • Edugames
    Edugames (Drill and Practice)
    Grammar School Games that relate to language learning.
  • MarioCast - Mario Ajero's Podcast
    MarioCast - Mario Ajero's Podcast (Reference Material)
    I really appreciated the clarity of Mario's Podcast presentations. I am not a musician. Rather I am researching options... More
  • Woodrow Wilson: Audio file of speech about democratic principles.
    This material can be used with ESL students to support an understanding of US government, and to instigatge discussions... More
  • Animated Characters
    Animated Characters (Animation)
    Creat animated characters that speak
  • Open University Web Guide: Internet Accessibility
    The Open University on accessibility
  • The Web Accessibility "How-To" Site
    A great site regarding Web Accessibilty with profiles of user needs, examples of solutions, products etc.