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MERLOT Favorites (Bidlack)

These sites are my favorites in MERLOT. They include the cool and nifty animations and simulations that get students interested in learning!

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  • The Auscultation Assistant
    Audio examples of various hard beat sounds are provided by this site.
  • The Dancing Paul Site
    The Dancing Paul Site (Animation)
    This has got to be one of the most enjoyable and entertaining sites in MERLOT, complete with music and dance moves you... More
  • The Bells Applet
    The Bells Applet (Simulation)
    This is a cool applet that allow users to play with sound. You can edit the pitches of the bells, the sharpness of the... More
  • Virtual Autopsy: The Ice Maiden, Emissary to the Gods
    This is an interesting site that provides background information about the remains of the Ice Maiden, as well as a... More
  • The Vikings. The North Atlantic Saga
    This is a really cool animation / simulation that takes users through the voyage of Viking exploration of the North... More
  • DNA from the Beginning
    DNA from the Beginning (Simulation)
    This site, called DNA From the Beginning, is a MERLOT Classic that goes through the history of the discovery of DNA,... More
  • Ideal Gas Law Simulation
    This ideal gas law simulation is a MERLOT Classic and a great way to show what sort of learning objects are available on... More
  • Hermitage Museum
    Hermitage Museum (Collection)
    This is an incredible site, where users can enter and actually "walk around" the Hermitage Museum in Russia. It's a... More
  • Diego Rivera
    Diego Rivera (Collection)
    This site includes photographs and video clips about the famous Mexican artist, Diego Rivera.
  • Cell Physiology
    Cell Physiology (Presentation)