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The Vikings. The North Atlantic Saga

The Vikings. The North Atlantic Saga

This website has been produced by the Smithsonian Institution to highlight a major new exhibit on Viking exploration of the North Atlantic prepared for the millenary commemoration of Lief Eriksson’s Vinland landing. But it provides a broad overview of the Vikings and their great expansion across northen Europe and the Atlantic during the 9th and 10th centuries with an eye toward revising the common perception of Vikings as barbarian despoilers.



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Dr. Alicia Palmer
Dr. Alicia Palmer (Consultant)
9 years ago
I would highly recommend this material, it is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Technical Remarks:

Good Quality materials, information is thoroughly researched. The use of flash player is key to using this site.
will simson
will simson (Faculty)
16 years ago
For students and for historians who teach, this lovely, user friendly, and engagingly considered introduction into the world of the Vikings stands as one of the finest examples of learning objects found on the internet. The quality of the material is first rate and up to date and relies on a combined use of myriad resources archeological, environmental, genetics and saga studies based, and those convential to provide a fresh approach to the subject. Browers may opt to use animated Flash pluggins to view the site or frames based means. The site's clear discussions and bright colorful imagery allows instructors to use the site in class or to augment online instruction. Furthermore, the site contains no premade assignments or learning modules, such tools can be easily constructed around the use of this site as it allows for many different perspectives on the Vikings. Maps, animation, discussions of domestic lifeways, and the significance of Viking travels and deeds are all here. If any I were to issue any caveat about the site, it would be a warning that instructors avoid the temptation to request that students simply use the site without any additional instructor comment whatsoever. WS

Technical Remarks:

Flash pluggins recommended, but not required.
Heather Ahern Huish
17 years ago
This Smithsonian Institute site is both fun and informative. It can reach both
traditional learners who like to read facts as well as those newer users who
need multimedia elements to be truly motivated. Movies, sounds, images, and map
that you can navigate with a Viking ship.

Technical Remarks:

A bit intensive for those with slow connection speeds or lack of plug-ins but
the plug-ins appear to be fairly standard ones.