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S. Warner SLP Resources Collection

Collection of useful therapy websites for speech-language pathologists.

Collection Content

  • Online Asperger Syndrome information & Support
    Website containing information and links for information on Asperger symdrome.
  • The Stuttering Foundation
    The Stuttering Foundation (Reference Material)
    Useful information, therapy techniques, links and FAQs related to stuttering/dysfluency.
  • American Sign Language (ASL) Browser
    Very useful site; have used before. Gives a dictionary and visual demonstation of ASL.
  • Teaching Students with Autism: A Guide for Educators
    Information, strategies and techniques for classroom teaching of students with autism. Also provides additional... More
  • Speech Language Pathology and Audiology Websites
    Large website with links to numerous SLP/Audiology areas of interest.
  • Ability Hub -- Assistive Technology Solutions
    Links/info regarding AAC devices for a variety of disabilities.