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American Sign Language (ASL) Browser

American Sign Language (ASL) Browser

Michigan State University's ASL Browser web site is an online American Sign Language (ASL) browser where you can look up video of thousands of ASL signs and learn interesting things about them.


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Kelly Stack
Kelly Stack (Staff)
10 years ago

Contains SEE (artificial) signs but does not identify them as such.  Does not contain grammatical instruction.  Contains many English synonyms that are mapped to a single sign.  For example, "abrupt" and "accelerate" are mapped to the same sign (FAST), but it is unlikely that this sign would be used to translate either word in context, especially given that one is an adverb and the other is a verb.  

Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour
kari robinson
kari robinson (Student)
15 years ago
Useful for learning ASL
Used in course? Yes
Ckck Jones
Ckck Jones (Staff)
20 years ago
This resource is a well-done visual dictionary of American Sign Language (ASL),
and conssists of an alphabetical index and content frame. The content frame
displays a looping video of the performance of the selected word along with a
text description of how to sign the word. I was able to spend about 30 minutes,
finding words of interest and seeing their sign performed, of this extremely
well-done system. The video is quick and efficient, automatically looping
several times. The user interface is not terribly elegant, but it serves the
purpose and is not cumbersome. This resource would be an excellent resource for
students in communication, speech & hearing, etc. fields. Though not necessarily
an tool for communicating directly with the hearing impared (Wait a second, let
me watch this video...), it would be great tool for learning and reviewing a
large number of signs or could serve as a resource for more obsure words /
signs. It's ease of use is one of its most positive features. Scrolling and
clicking are the only skills required for use, making this resource valuable at
ALL levels of education.
Used in course? Yes
huynh (Student)
21 years ago
I reviewed this site by learning how to sign words that i would used eveyday.
Since i been working at my work i have had two people come in writing their
order on paper or showing what they wanted. This site is really helpful in many
ways. The quality is really good & i was able to see how to sign lang. It was
really easy to use this site but the only problem is remembering how to talk
with my hands.
Teacher Education Editorial Board
21 years ago
This site is presented by Michigan State University as an on-line American Sign
Language browser where thousands of video footage of ASL signs are offered.
This item will be reviewed by the Teacher Education Editorial Board. #13

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Quicktime plug-in is required.