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Professional development

Material to keep up-to-date.

Collection Content

  • LIB 740: Teacher Librarian website
    Good links to websites and blogs for librarians and teachers.
  • Faculty Focus
    Faculty Focus (Development Tool)
    Faculty workshops
  • OCLC Connexion Browser Tutorials
    Tutorials for cataloging.
  • iLibrarian Blog
    iLibrarian Blog (Reference Material)
    Web 2.0 for librarians.
  • Academic Impressions: Webcasts
    Academic Impressions: Webcasts (Workshop and Training Material)
    For learning how to be a better librarian and use technology. Expensive.
  • Faculty e-Commons
    Faculty e-Commons (Social Networking Tool)
    A social networking tool for faculty.
  • Altmetric
    Altmetric (Assessment Tool)
    Tracks scholarly research papers easily.
  • Intersections: Advocacy, Legislation & Issues.
    Social networking tool to help with ideas.