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Basic Skills

This collection is designed to help students remind themselves of some basic skills needed to succeed in statistics courses.
Course: For purplemath, see: See: Scientific Notation, Variables, Percents, study habits quiz.

Collection Content

  • West Texas A&M Virtual Math Lab / College Algebra Tutorial
    Has sections on "How to Succeed in a Math Class" AND Scientific Notation. Bonus!
  • Purplemath - Your Algebra Resource
    Not very interactive, but covers a wide range of topics. It even includes several useful questions, like "How do I... More
  • ThatQuiz - Math Test Activities
    Drill and Practice, having graphing and probability, but not a lot of feedback on wrong answers.
  • Problem-solving Skills
    Mostly text, but with some things about study skills that may be worth reading.
  • Type I and Type II Errors - Making Mistakes in the Justice System
    Explains how statistical concepts relate to the criminal justice system.