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ePortfolio Vendor Products

This is a collection of vendor sites that can provide product information.

Collection Content

  • eFolio Minnesota
    eFolio Minnesota (Collection)
    eFolio is used by the State of Minnesota. Funded by a workforce development grant and supported by higher education all... More
  • College LiveText edu Solutions
    College LiveText edu Solutions (Reference Material)
    Live Text has been used by many Colleges of Education.
  • Nuventive (ePortfolio Product)
    Nuventive (ePortfolio Product) (Reference Material)
    This product is being used by some big institutions.
  • TaskStream
    TaskStream (Reference Material)
    TaskStream is used by many in the School of Education.
  • Mahara
    Mahara (Reference Material)
    This is an open source e-portfolio, weblog, resume builder and social networking system.
  • SFSU Open Source Comparison Matrix
    SFSU Open Source Comparison Matrix (Reference Material)
    This study evaluates Mahara, Keep Toolkit, Elgg, and DIVA. From June 2008.
  • elgg
    elgg (Reference Material)
    elogg is an open source social networking platform that has been used by some as a foundation for an ePortfolio system.
  • Categories of ePortfolio Tools
    Categories of ePortfolio Tools (Reference Material)
    Helen Barrett analysis of tools as of Sept. 2008
  • ePortfolios 101
    ePortfolios 101 (Workshop and Training Material)
    This powerpoint provides an overview of what ePortfolios are and what they can be with the right planning. Also see... More
  • ePortfolio Concept Map
    ePortfolio Concept Map (Reference Material)
    This concept map is a model for a student centered ePortfolio system which allows for a repository and secure, selective... More