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Support Materials for EDMA Leadership and Education

Articles of interest that support my EDMA in Leadership and Education.

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  • MENC: The National Association for Music Education.
    MENC is a good source of information in regards to public/private partnerships for music education. MENC is instrumental... More
  • Learning Styles - Left or right brain dominance
    Includes info on theory and also simple tests that you can use to determine if you are left/right brain theory and what... More
  • Studio Cyberspace Art Teacher's Page
    Hands on new media for the arts
  • Animoto
    Animoto (Animation)
    Outstanding program to organize and share photos in creative manner.
  • 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story
    Great web 2.0 ideas
  • The Learning Organization-Principles, Theory, & Practice at The Encyclopedia of Informal Education
    Excellent article describing theory of Learning Organization, including brief discussion of the connection of social... More
  • School Leadership-The Wallace Foundation
    Great collection of Ed Leadership materials, including an online calculator of the cost of OST (Out of School Time)... More