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Teaching French to elementary students

These are all sites that I think would be useful for teaching French to elementary-age children.

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  • Enseigner le français langue seconde à l'aide de la musique
    This site has lots of links to musical sites. This could be especially useful for teaching nursery rhymes and... More
  • Le Plaisir d'Apprendre
    Le Plaisir d'Apprendre (Reference Material)
    A comprehensive resource site for teachers of French as a foreign language, presented by le CAVILAM. Includes some... More
  • Zut!
    Zut! (Quiz/Test)
    Although the Zut! materials for older students require a subscription, it has many free exercises and activities that... More
  • (Collection) has lots of worksheets and activities for young French learners, designed by native French educators.
  • La Photothèque BIPS
    La Photothèque BIPS (Collection)
    La Photothèque BIPS is a database of images that can be used for teaching. Lots of photos of France.
  • Voyage Virtuel
    Voyage Virtuel (Reference Material)
    A terrific way to "tour" France without leaving your computer! Photos and simple descriptions of important places around... More
  • educaserve
    educaserve (Drill and Practice)
    This site has lots of grammar lessons and online practice activities. It's not a great stand-alone Web site, but it... More
  • La Fontaine
    La Fontaine (Reference Material)
    This extensive collection of the fables of La Fontaine includes the complete French text, as well as English and even... More
  • Votre Dictionnaire Encyclopédique is a French site designed for children. FLE students could use it to see what French children are interested... More
  • Le Petit Nicolas:Les personnages
    Le Petit Nicolas is a wonderful series of stories about an elementary-school-aged boy and his friends. I'm sure my... More
  • Images de France
    Images de France (Collection)
    A great variety of images of France, terrific for realia.
  • Voyage Virtuel
    Voyage Virtuel (Reference Material)
    Introductory tour of French cities and regions, with maps, pictures and descriptions of a region's most famous features.
  • Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links
    French "supersite," including French literature, art, music, film, history, education, mass-media, and everyday life, as... More