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Humanities (Integrated)

This collections aggregates resources across the humanities: art, music, history, philosophy, literature, etc.

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  • Reason to Rock: Rock Music as Art Form
    MUSIC APPRECIATION: This material provides excellent information about the aesthetics of rock music. I think my students... More
  • ArtsEdNet:  The Getty's Arts Education Web Site
    ART HISTORY: Excellent resource following art concept and history. There are photos of the artwork and even audio clips.
  • Architecture in the Humanities Database
    ART HISTORY: This may be a useful cross-discipline resource pivoting on architecture. Choose the scholarly use method... More
  • Smart History
    Smart History (Open (Access) Textbook)
    ART HISTORY: This website has excellent audiovideo items by art history professors.
  • Argumentation and Critical Thinking Tutorial
    CRITICAL THINKING: This materials focuses on a review and then quizzes on logical argument and logical fallacies... More
    ONLINE TEXTBOOK: Ethics (Open (Access) Textbook)
    ETHICS: I envision using this as a supplement to my Philosophy and Biomedical Ethics courses -- for my reference.
  • The Power of Music
    The Power of Music (Presentation)
    MUSIC APPRECIATION: There's a transcript of this audio (.ram) file that tells me I'm interested in it, but I don't have... More