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Chansons et musique

Songs and music to use with all levels. Most of these sites will be used to find artists/styles for the students to research for presentations.

Collection Content

  • Spin the Globe
    Spin the Globe (Collection)
    Afrobeat and other African music links. Searchable by continent/country.
  • French through Songs / Chansons francaises et francophones
    MP3's and lyrics for many songs, beginner through contemporary popular songs. "Tout ce que je veux" can be used as a... More
  • Enseigner le français langue seconde à l'aide de la musique
    Fair collection of songs to use as auditory practice (fill in the blank or ID the wrong word in the text). Some have... More
  • Langues de France en Chansons: Regional Music in France and La Francophonie
    Examples of regional songs in dialects such as Breton or Basque. France and the DOM/TOM only (no Africa).
  • Dossiers Dossiers (Reference Material)
    Start with Quelles chansons? and go to Chansons et musique francophones to find general and artist-specific sites. Some... More
  • Carole  Fredericks Foundation French Resources
    American singer profiled on NPR and in PBS Foreign Language K-12 Workshop; immersed self in French language and culture... More