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Biology Classics

This is a collection of the MERLOT Biology Classics winners from 2002 onward.


Collection Content

  • DNA from the Beginning
    DNA from the Beginning (Simulation)
    From Gregor Mendel to the Human Genome Project, explore and understand the world of DNA, genes, and heredity, the basic... More
  • Protein Explorer
    Protein Explorer (Simulation)
    The Protein Explorer has revolutionized the teaching of biology at a molecular level. This site welcomes students to... More
  • Plants in Motion
    Plants in Motion (Collection)
    Watch plants do amazing things. Learn some interesting facts while you are at it! Time lapse movies of plant growth from... More
  • Water on the Web
    Water on the Web (Collection)
    This site provides an extensive list of materials, lessons, and data sets for examining a wide range of limnological... More
  • Evolution
    Evolution (Reference Material)
    “Evolution” is the companion site to the eight-part PBS documentary on Evolution. The site contains multimedia previews... More
  • Connecting Concepts: Natural Selection 3: Microevolution: Evolution in a Population
    Students play the role of predators on moths on a tree trunk. Then, they play the role of biologist, analyzing the... More
  • The Biology Project: Cell Biology
    The Biology Project takes the novel approach of first asking the students questions - if the student’s answer to a... More
  • The Virtual Transgenic Fly Lab
    The virtual lab allows students to explore the techniques used to make transgenic flies. Transgenic organisms, which... More
  • Biological animations and tutorials
    This site has numerous animations covering the common topics of an introductory Biology course including: mitosis,... More
  • The eSkeletons Project
    The eSkeletons Project (Simulation)
    The eSkeletons Project is a dynamic website with complete anatomical skeletons of the human and baboon (with the gorilla... More
  • Cells Alive!
    Cells Alive! (Animation)
    This site provides information about cell components (such as cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum,... More
  • Virtual Labs
    Virtual Labs (Collection)
    Virtual Labs project is an interactive and simulation based teaching approach for human physiology. Cardiovascular,... More