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Protein Explorer

Protein Explorer

Protein Explorer provides a user interface to the Chime plugin allowing easy manipulation and viewing of PDB structure files. Includes most RasMol commands and has a command line, but has buttons and menus for many useful commands. Includes a comparator funciton that allows comparisons between two structures, molecules in the structure can be selected in a sequence window and there is a non-covalent bond finder function.


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John Colicelli
John Colicelli (Faculty)
39 weeks ago

This is a terrific source for protein and small biomolecule structures (lipids, carbohydrates). The site has a tremendous amount of useful material that is well organized and easy to navigate. Tools to create molecular images are also included. The “Structure to Function” area is a great resource for information about specific topics. I noticed that the Krebs Cycle overview page began with an out-of-place figure (TGFbeta signaling pathway instead of citric acid cycle), but this was a rare and minor problem.  I especially liked the inclusion of Video Guide and Help links for new users.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Diana Morarescu
Diana Morarescu (Student)
9 years ago
This is a great tool, easy to visualize protein structure, with and without ligands. It is useful for first year Biochemistry students, who may have trouble putting proteins in a 3D perspective without visual aids
Eric Martz
Eric Martz (Faculty)
16 years ago
Comment by Eric Martz (author of Protein Explorer): Since Protein Explorer was reviewed by MERLOT, a new version has been released that works in Internet Explorer 5.5 as well as in Netscape 4.x.