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SI 508 - Networks: Theory and Application

SI 508 has been taught in various forms from 2006 to 2008 to master’s students at the University of Michigan School of Information. The course covers topics in network analysis, from social networks to applications in information networks such as the Internet. I will introduce basic concepts in network theory, discuss metrics and models, use software analysis tools to experiment with a wide variety of real-world network data, and study applications to areas such as information retrieval.

As a network scientist I think networks are fun to talk about, but they are even more fun to play with. Therefore, labs are an integral part of this course. In addition to providing background material, the labs and the demos offer ample opportunity for learners to get hands-on with interactive demonstrations, real-world data sets, and a dizzying array of tools (Pajek, Guess, NetLogo, and others). Experimenting in the labs will enable learners to get much more out of this course than simply reading the lectures and other materials. The labs are also designed to bring you up to speed with the skills you need to do the assignments.

Another important part of the course is the final group project, in which students take the concepts they learned and apply them to networks that they select. Although I can offer little guidance on anyone's individual project through this open format, I hope that the assignments will expose people to different techniques one can apply and various questions to explore. This showcase of student projects from past years should provide some inspiration.

- Lada Adamic

Instructor: Lada Adamic, Ph.D.

dScribes: Pieter Kleymeer, Hung Truong

Course level: Graduate

Course Structure: weekly 1.5 hour lectures augmented by weekly 1.5 hour lab sessions over 14 weeks

Also Offered On: Coursera (registration now open, starts in September 2012)


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