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PSYCH Learning Objects

This is for Intro Psych and other psychology courses to use as a collection for legitimate learning objects. Comments or Questions? email Jay @

Collection Content

  • Discovering Psychology
    Discovering Psychology (Presentation)
    Discovering Psychology is a collection of videos as narrated by Philip Zimbardo that bring psych to the big screen! Also... More
  • The Brain from Top to Bottom!
    This psychology learning object is very informative, accurate, and comprehensive on multiple developmental levels for... More
  • BBC Science and Nature:  Human Body and Mind
    This material presents solid interactive tutorials, animations, video clips, and presentations about the human mind and... More
  • Care of the Client with Schizophrenia
    A great case study of a schizophrenic patient in tutorial form. Specifically involving the aspect of a thorough... More
  • Pursuing Psychology Graduate School Information Page
    This material should be considered a solid and supportive aid to undergraduate students interested in learning about the... More
  • PORT (Psychology Online Research Tutorial)
    This tutorial teaches PSYCHINFO navigation and utilization in a very straight forward and simple way. Verbal instruction... More
  • Psychology Research on the NET
    This is a collection of many online psych experiments that could be incorporated into class assignments in various ways.... More
  • Pavlov's Dog
    Pavlov's Dog (Simulation)
    This learning object is a simulation of the classic experiment of Ivan Pavlov and his classical condition example with... More
  • Case study: children, families & child protection
    The video clip tutorial, takes the viewer through the steps of a child protection team investigation. Clear learning... More
  • SparkNotes Psychology 101
    SparkNotes Psychology 101 (Presentation)
    This learning object provides a wealth of information on various psychological concepts. Most suitable for an... More
  • A Guide to Psychology and its Practice
    A simple little guide to support the learning of clinical psychology. Not a bad source for quick tips.
  • Teaching Clinical Psychology
    Overall the website is made for teachers in finding supportive exercises and materials in teaching Clinical Psychology... More
  • APA Style Essentials
    APA Style Essentials (Reference Material)
    APA style formatting guidelines laid out in a concise simple way.
  • Neuroscience for Kids
    Neuroscience for Kids (Collection)
    It provides easy to understand explanations of some technical concepts.
  • ePsych
    ePsych (Tutorial)
    This learning object is ok for teaching a variety of general psychology concepts. It feels a like a bad video game- cool... More
  • Mouse Party
    Mouse Party (Simulation)
    An excellent simulation applet for examining the effect of common illicit drugs at the synaptic level.
  • Depression Center
    Depression Center (Reference Material)
    The U of M School of Social Work has composed this site as a go to resource for students with clinical practice... More
  • Drugs and the Brain
    Drugs and the Brain (Animation)
    An amazing drug animation site showing the pre- and post- synaptic interactions. A good resource for anyone learning... More
  • Guessing Correlations
    Guessing Correlations (Simulation)
    A great simulation for visualizing correlations. Simple and effective.
  • The Big Five Personality Test
    A great assessment tool and introduction to personality in Introductory Psychology.