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The Brain from Top to Bottom!

The Brain from Top to Bottom!

This site devoted to the brain includes an incredible amount of information. You can browse the site by topic, level of explanation (beginner, intermediate, & advanced), level of organization (cellular, molecular, neurological, psychological, & social), module, or guided tour. The site already contains over 70 presentations on the brain (and it is still under development)! To give a sampling, the topics include: neurons, neural transmission, glial cells, memory, long-term potentiation, amnesia, how drug impact neurotransmitters, fear, anxiety, the evolution of the brain, the neuromuscular junction, and vision.


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Veronica Jean
Veronica Jean (Faculty)
7 years ago

The presentation is a great tool to use as a refresher for nursing students. I especially like the hyperlinked features to see the section of the brain. I enjoyed looking through the presentation and plan to return later.

Technical Remarks:

I was able to easily navigate in the site.

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes
Sandra Coswatte
Sandra Coswatte (Student)
7 years ago

This is a great resource to help students understand the brain and processing.  I use this in my Introductory Psychology course and students really do spend time navigating through the resource.

Technical Remarks:

Easy to navigate and use.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour
Nan Peck
Nan Peck (Faculty)
9 years ago
This is an impressive site with a great deal of detail. I liked the engaging questions including "Why do I say so many stupid things when I am drunk?" Engaging. I appreciated having three levels of explanation.

Technical Remarks:

I found the site easy to navigate.
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes.
Jay Holden
Jay Holden (Staff)
10 years ago
After taking a thorough look at this psychology learning object, I find it to be very informative, accurate, and comprehensive on multiple developmental levels for various disciplines on a variety of topics. In assessing this presentation/lecture material from a psychology standpoint, it is even better because having information from multiple disciplines facilitates a more thorough psychology experience (i.e. using both the Neurological, Social, and Psychological presentations on "From the Simple to the Complex"). Overall this site is a great resource, however, to use it to supplement (instead of replace) teaching students the material may be tricky. Also, what separates this site from a lecture or any text book is the option of different difficulty levels that allow struggling students to choose an easier level if confused and then return to the level they should be learning at. What a great resource for presenting material!

Technical Remarks:

Although the LO is great in the presentation/lecture format, it is not very interactive. Other more interactive functions could really boost the appeal of it. Quizzes with feedback, flashcard options, and tutorials should be considered to make this the most appealing resource for students.
Used in course? Yes
Ruth Markulis
Ruth Markulis (Administrator)
10 years ago
This is a very well organized site with extensive information on the brain. There are also clear, colorful diagrams included. I especially liked the "bread crumb" navigation cards listing topics and subtopics. This site is original in that it presents not just scientific information on the brain but also social and cultural information as well. This is a tremendous resource for people with all types of interests. I like the cross discipline approach, a very thorough approach for the subject matter.
jennifer vitug
jennifer vitug (Student)
12 years ago
Because of how well the website is designed, it showed how much effort the author took in making the information less dense and more entertaining and informative.
J. Haldane
J. Haldane (Faculty)
12 years ago
This is overall an excellent site that I have recommended to students and associates. However the inaccurate and superficial article about the culture of fear in the U.S. is a real blemish. This is an important topic in social psychology that deserves examination not a poorly written and narrow political statement. That article is a blemish on an otherwise excellent site.

Technical Remarks:

Easy to navigate in a logical and straight-forward fashion.