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Chemistry Materials

This contains sets of notecards to print out and study.  They aren't concise at all, but they contain all of the basic material students should know about.


Collection Content

  • Chemistry Study Cards
    Chemistry Study Cards (Reference Material)
    Study cards to print out and look at. Fairly long an detailed, but good basic information.
  • Green Chemistry
    Green Chemistry (Reference Material)
    Links to descriptions of what green chemistry is, labs and activities, as well as other resources.
  • Virtual Chemistry Laboratory
    A virtual chemistry lab that can be used as a pre-lab, in conjunction with a physical lab, or as a lab make-up for... More
  • Chemguide: Helping you to Understand Chemistry
    A multi-link document, connecting students to information on different parts of Chemistry. This is a good study guide.
  • Introductory Chemistry for Non-Science Majors
    All of the materials for a Chemistry course in Maryland. Assignments, lectures, study materials and more.
  • Interactive Simulations for General Chemistry
    There is a wide selection of simulations on this site to choose from. It's easy to navigate and allows one to choose... More