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Interactive Simulations for General Chemistry

Interactive Simulations for General Chemistry

The collection of interactive simulations covers a wide range of general chemistry topics, with each simulation addressing key concepts and enable students to practice and teachers to demostrate these topics. Chapter 2 Periodic Table Coulomb's Law Names and Formulas of Ionic Compounds Chapter 3 Compounds, Molecules, and Moles Limiting Reactants Chapter 4 Acid Ionization Solubility of Ionic Compounds The pH Scale Titrations Chapter 5 Calorimetry Measuring Heats of Reaction Heat Transfer Between Substances Hess's Law Specific Heat Capacity Chapter 6 Atomic Absorbtion and Emission Planck's Equation Chapter 7 Atomic Electron Configurations Electron Configurations of Ions Atomic Orbital Energies Effective Nuclear Charge, Z* Electron Configurations 1 Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic Atoms Sizes of... Show More


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Natalia Muñoz-Rujas
2 years ago
Simpler simulations that will help students with sometimes difficult concepts.