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What are we assessing? A course grade is a statement of the degree a student has met the course's objectives. The resources in this collection are varied and provide many ideas for quality, meaningful assessments in a variety of educational areas. *** Be sure to visit the Rubric collection for more assessment ideas and info.

Collection Content

  • Classroom Assessment Techniques
    This site provides EXAMPLES of CATs (Classroom Assessment Techniques) through links on the left side of the page;... More
  • Writing Multiple Choice Test Items
    Writing Multiple Choice Test Items (Reference Material)
    This is a nice review for writing multiple-choice exam items. Advantages, disadvantages, general guidelines, item stem... More
  • Writing True-False Exam Items
    Writing True-False Exam Items (Reference Material)
    This is a companion site to Writing Multiple-Choice Exam Items (also in this collection). Advantages, disadvantages, and... More
  • Grading and Assessment
    Grading and Assessment (Reference Material)
    A very quick, good introduction to why we "test" -- reminds us that there are other ways to assess besides the old... More
  • FAST (Free Assessment Summary Tool)
    This is a free program to use in developing instruments to evaluate courses. The program is especially useful for... More
  • Assessment and Instructional Objectives
    Developing assessment instruments based on learning objectives is key in the design of instruction. This is the... More
  • Authentic Assessment Toolbox
    This MERLOT classic is a tutorial for learning about authentic assessment. It is presented with hypertext and features... More