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  • Ad-busters on Globalization
    Ad-busters on Globalization (Reference Material)
    Social Responsibility - AdBusters is an organization that represents an anti-multinational corporation point of view.... More
  • Austrade Online Overseas Markets
    Austrade Online Overseas Markets (Reference Material)
    Site maintained by the Australian Trade Commission with the goal of assisting Australian Exporters with their export... More
  • Global Corruption Report
    Global Corruption Report (Reference Material)
    annual report from Transparency International can be downloaded, or one can download portions of it. The report provides... More
  • Business "Urban Legends"
    Business "Urban Legends" (Reference Material)
    This site refutes some of the common "urban legends" that are discussed in International classes. For example, many... More
  • Web Resources for International Trade
    Federation of International Trade Associates approved site to provide an comprehensive searchable database of... More
  • Fairness in International Trade
    Fairness in International Trade (Reference Material)
    This site involves an exploration of some of the issues regarding free trade and protectionism. Topics include: Fairness... More
  • Global Trade Watch
    Global Trade Watch (Reference Material)
    Global Trade Watch was created in 1995 to promote government and corporate accountability in the globalization and trade... More
  • International Forms for Exports
    International Forms for Exports (Reference Material)
    input the country to which the product is being exported as well as the country which is exporting. Recommended... More
  • Exporter Essentials for New Zealand
    Trade New Zealand, a government agency that facilitates trade and international investments between New Zealand and the... More
  • The "Depth" and "Breadth" of Multicultural
    This is a lesson plan to to engage students in a process of defining "culture" and examining its complexity. The goal of... More
  • Monochronic/Polychronic Self Test
    This is a self test that can be downloaded (it is not interactive). It helps individuals understand their personal... More
  • Business Etiquette and Culture
    Business Etiquette and Culture (Reference Material)
    This site has links to articles regarding cultural issues in a number of different countries. Topics include... More
  • Business Ethics Cases
    Business Ethics Cases (Collection)
    Institute for Global Ethics has several links to cases that concern Business Ethics. Each short case has an analysis and... More
  • An Ethics Toolkit for Managers
    tutorial on Business Ethics provided by the Free Management Library. The tutorial covers a number of different topics on... More
  • Mini-cases from Lockheed Martin
    These are a series of 20 mini-cases that concern ethical dilemmas in business. The game was designed to educate the... More
  • Corporate Codes of Ethics
    A MUST USE SITE for International social responsibility - site has links to a number of different companies' codes of... More
  • Short Cases for International Marketing
    6 minin marketing cases for international companies
  • Foreign Currencies and Foreign Exchange
    Simulation, how FX rates are dynamically influenced. students learn the many factors that can influence either the... More
  • Global Sullivan Principles
    Global Sullivan Principles (Reference Material)
    Developed by the Rev. Leon Sullivan, the Global Sullivan Principles of Corporation Social Responsibility seek to... More
  • International Exchange Rates: Imports vs. Exports
    Formulas to calculate exchange rates and to determine the impact of prices of exports and imports.
  • International Facts
    International Facts (Collection)
    Variety of facts about culture that can be used in any international business class.
  • Euromyths
    Euromyths (Tutorial)
    CULTURAL STEREOTYPES - great site for classroom discussion. The European Commission's Press Office in London monitors... More
  • Getting Through Customs
    This site offers a number of different types of information and guidelines including tips for toasting in a variety of... More
  • How Can Big Business Make Money From Tariffs?
    This is a set of lesson plans for international trade discussions. Students investigate the impact of tariffs on... More
  • NAFTA:  Are Jobs Being Sucked Out of the United States?
    NAFTA - This lesson plan examines concepts of absolute and comparative advantage and presents arguments for and against... More
  • One World
    One World (Simulation)
    CONTRARY VIEW - website has a number of articles concerning sustainability and human rights. Although there is a... More