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Human A&P II Support Materials

Miscellaneous websites to review for possible inclusion in my webpage.

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  • Human Blood
    Human Blood (Tutorial)
    I expecially like the inclusion of the Bombay phenotype example.
  • The J Doc. Histoweb
    The J Doc. Histoweb (Simulation)
    Has examples that are very useful and congruent with the material I cover.
  • Osteoporosis and Bone Physiology
  • Cardiovascular Embryology Animations
    This site has (amongst several) a very good animation for fetal circulation structures and patterns.
    ELISA ASSAY (Simulation)
    Lab Simulations by HHMI.
  • Get Body Smart:  Anatomy and Physiology
    Muscle Histology and Physiology Animations
  • Actin-myosin crossbridge animation
    Plan to download this for PP or to link to GIF file for my web page
  • Synapse Web
    Synapse Web (Presentation)
    Will use as supplemental link in neurophysiology Notes on the Web
  • Stem Cell Information
    Stem Cell Information (Reference Material)
    Lots of students ask about this topic. Will add as a resource link to Notes on the Web
  • Stem Cells In the Spotlight
    Stem Cells In the Spotlight (Reference Material)
    Another stem site to link for students.
  • Human Genetic Diseases
    Looks like a really fine site with excellent animations at just the right level of detail to give as supplemental... More
  • The American Physiological Society Archive of Teaching Resources
    Will need to review befor making comment.
  • How Your Brain Works
  • Cardiac Anomalies/Congenital Heart Disease
  • Sickle cell disease
    Sickle cell disease (Reference Material)
  • Skeletal System
    Skeletal System (Drill and Practice)
    Very nice study site for students. I already have this linked in my Notes on the Web at:... More