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General Biology 105

BIOL 105. General Biology II.(3credit hours) Basic biological concepts as they relate to man and his surroundings.  Major emphasis on how living things maintain themselves, man’s environment, and the behavior of living things.


Biology 104 and 106

Pedagogical Approach

Adaptive learning and Peer Instruction 

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of BIOL 105, the student will be able to achieve the following with a better success rate:·      Comprehend the fundamental knowledge of general biology concepts in the areas of general chemistry, cell biology, cellular processes, genetics, molecular biology, and evolutionon assignments and exams; ·      Explore, evaluate and apply the biological concepts to his/her own life, to the natural world, and to society as evidenced by assignments and exams;vCompare and contrast biological images, scientific graphs and models used to illustrate general biology concepts on assignments and exams.vDemonstrate that science is a human endeavor that examines natural processes through research and the examination of physical evidence.vReview the means by which scientists do scientific inquiry


Various Methods: Quantitative and Qualitative

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