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SPM 233 - Sport Practicum

This course will provide students with an opportunity to obtain practical experiences working in a supervised sport setting prior to enrolling in the Sport Internship course (SPM 433).  


Students must successfully completed SPM 230 or PED 230 (with advance approval) prior to enrolling in SPM 233.

Pedagogical Approach

This course includes the following methods of instruction:

  • Reading assignments
  • Online journal entries
  • Self-Reflections/Self-Analyses
  • Use of online websites, tools, and media
  • Practical experiences

Learning Outcomes

·         Show awareness as to the nature of various careers within the sport management field, and the importance of developing one’s management skills (i.e., technical, human, conceptual, and personal).

·         Identify trends within the sport management field. ·         Demonstrate employment skills, both hard and soft, which are common and necessary for success in various segments of the sport management field.

·         Describe tasks assigned by a practicing sport manager, under supervision.


  • Performance Assessments will include: Practicum Site Supervisor’s Assessment and e-Portfolio

Other Information

Each student is required to complete a minimum of 60 contact hours in a supervised sport setting. All sites must be approved by the course professor in advance.