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Foundations of Second Language Acquisition & Teaching English as a Second Language

This foundational course in second language acquisition exposes students to terminology, concepts, and theories specific to the field of language acquisition and teaching English language learners. Students in this course will explore the human capacity for language (psycholinguistics) and will discuss myths and misconceptions specific to language learning & teaching. In addition, students will examine the impact of culture on language acquisition (sociolinguistics), the ideas of the major language theorists, legislation that guide the education of ELLs, and historical and contemporary issues in the field.


Pedagogical Approach

Lecture; Class Discussions, Demonstrations, eLearning

Learning Outcomes

This course seeks to help teachers build the knowledge needed to:

Identify research-based models of second language learning and acquisition;  Identify communicative competence, social & academic language functions, and language varieties; Identify the relationship between language and culture;Identify how their teaching relates to the research base for TESL/TEFL; and  Identify legal provisions and ethical implications of laws regarding ELLs.                        

This course seeks to help teachers build the skills to:

Serve as a resource and advocate for ELLs and their families; Consider modifications to their teaching practices to become more consistently effective in teaching English    Learners; and  Locate information on relevant research, practice, and issues pertaining to the education of ELLs.   

This course seeks to help teachers build the dispositions to:

Honestly reflect on their attitudes and beliefs about the various populations of ELLs; and Self-reflect on the appropriateness of materials, methods, and assessments in light of their current understanding of the TESL/TEFL knowledge base.


Projects, Discussion Boards, Reading Responses, and Research Papers,

Other Information