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An opportunity for students to “test drive” ideas around a framework of research, analysis and evidence-based decision-making. This course blends concepts and skills development to provide each student with a robust opportunity to develop a real and intentional application. Students build practical insights on business knowledge and gain the experience of tackling a realistic and complex challenge.


College-level Math, English Composition.

Pedagogical Approach

Online assignments and activities designed to assist with development of an applied project. Some virtual seminars/conferences. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

1. Develop a feasible comprehensive business plan or develop a solution to a real business problem.

2. Apply and integrate business tools, and feel ready for the challenges of the job market.

3. Construct a comprehensive holistic project report that integrates work from previous learning experiences.


Engagement activities.

Project development presentations and discussions. 

Assignments based on concepts applications.

Final project report.

Other Information

Concepts include: Business research methods and data analysis. Universal methods of design. Project management.