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Prosthetic Guided Implant Dentistry

14 hours of lecture and hands-on lab sessions.• 6-8 hours of direct surgery observation and denture conversion or immediate provisionalization.• 4-6 hours for All-on-4 final prosthesis delivery with lab assistance.• 3-6 hours of independent study of textbooks, manuals and journal articles.


DDS or DMD with proficiency in diagnosis and treatment planning of the edentulous patient or patient with terminal dentition.

Proficiency in delivery of immediate dentures and their maintenance including denture relines.

Proficiency in basic implant prosthetic techniques.

Pedagogical Approach

Structured androgogy with emphasis on mating theoretical concepts with practical exercises and ultimate live patient treatment

Learning Outcomes

Show the ability to discuss the steps involved in fabrication of an immediate full denture.

Demonstration of use of open tray impression copings, verification jigs and fixed bite rims.

Discuss the requisite prosthetic space required for full arch fixed implant restorations.

Convey the prosthetic requisites to the surgeon via discussion or delivery of a bone reduction guide.

Deliver an immediate full arch fixed provisional restoration.

Deliver a full arch final restoration.

Discuss prosthetic principles and how to prevent complications.



Assessment by direct observation of course director and lab technologist.

Other Information

This course is for Prosthodontic and OMS Residents and Faculty seeking to expand their knowledge in the use of implants to treat edentulous patients. The course will consist of lectures, hands-on lab exercises, case presentations and live surgery/prosthetic practicum with prosthetic lab consultation.  

Suggested Texts:

Graftless Solutions for the Edentulous Patient, Jivraj, BDJ Clinician Studies, Springer 

All-on-4 Treatment Concept Restorative Quick Guide, Nobel Biocare GMT 39641  


Session 1  The All-on-4 Concept Text 1. 

Session 2 Treatment Planning Text 2. Ch. 6 

Session 3 Denture Conversion Text 2. Ch. 9 

Session 4 All-on-4 Final Prosthesis Text 3 Text 2. Ch. 10-13 

Session 5 Maintenance and Complications Text 2. Ch.14,15,16 Case review

     Course Goals

To attain competence in the diagnosis, planning, conversion and final All-On-4 prosthesis delivery.

Course Objectives

Knowledge/Comprehension: Outline the steps involved in jaw relation records for All-On-4 treatment and materials used in All-On-4 conversion.

Application: Demonstrate competence in immediate denture conversion to an All-On-4 provisional prosthesis as well as delivery of the final prosthesis.

Synthesis: Design a final prosthesis based on biomechanics, esthetics and the patient’s functional needs.

Evaluation: Recognize patient/provider factors contributing to compromises causing complications.      


Course Resources

  • Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation
    Foundational and supplemental study materials available on this site.