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Introductory Statistics

An Algebra-based course. The learning objects that align with topics for a typical course are listed

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

Topics for a typical course: Descriptive Statistics, Probability Concepts, Normal Probability Distribution, One Polulation Inferential Statistics, Greater than one population inferential Statistics, and Correlation and Regression.



Other Information


Course Resources

  • Binomial Distribution
    Topic: Probability. given a story problem, identify parameters, and solve.
  • Classifying Statistics Problems
    Topic: Inferential Statistics one or more populations. Randomly generated problems are classified by the user, includes... More
  • Histogram Applet
    Histogram Applet (Simulation)
    Topic: Descriptive Statistics: Good way to show how bin width changes the shape of histogram. Introduce dangers of... More
  • Sampling Distribution of the Mean Tutorial
    Topic: Normal distributions. Draws samples and shows how the distribution of the means has a smaller standard deviation.
  • Hypothesis Test for a Proportion
    Input components of a hypothesis test for proportion
  • Confidence Interval for a Proportion
    Use Word problems to develop Confidence Interval for proportion
  • Confidence Interval for a Mean
    Solve word problems to determine confidence interval for mean.
  • Hypothesis Test for a Mean
    User enters components of hypothesis test for mean.
  • Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics
    Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics (Open (Access) Textbook)
    Regression by eye is accessed from this site: Click on Simulations/Demonstrations, then Regression by Eye. Use mouse to... More
  • Linear Regression Calculator
    Starts with a video explaining linear regression. Calculator is cumbersome.
  • Introductory Business Statistics
    Introductory Business Statistics (Open (Access) Textbook)
    check out hypothesis testing
  • Theory Behind Linear Regression
    shows least-squares as square area to display the concept