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classroom materials Spanish

This collection includes different sites that cal help to facilitate learning in the classroom. This collection is can be use for any Spanish class from elementary to high school students. It includes grammar, vocabulary, history, culture, places, power points presentations, games and exercises. It could easily be connected to a history class.

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Course Resources

  • Taller hispano
    Taller hispano (Tutorial)
    This site has information that can be use in the classroom. It also includes information about, travel, family, animals,... More
  • Piérdele el miedo a los acentos
    This site has information about, Spanish grammar, history, Puerto Rico, writing practices, etc. It includes explicit and... More
  • PowerPoint Presentations for Spanish Class
    Power point presentations for the Spanish I class, including vocabulary, games, time, verbs, grammar, etc. It will be... More