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English 101 - Composition and Rhetoric

English 101 would be a course in composition and English language studies. The two major goals are to achieve competence with the use of English and fluency with written English. To accomplish the first goal, students study the structure of the English language, and to accomplish the second goal, they study how to create their own work.

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

Students will learn to 1) approach writing as a process, 2) develop and support a thesis in an organized way, 3) read in order to examine and respond to the ideas and strategies in the writings of others, and 4)foster proficiency with the language itself.


Writing assignments Quizzes

Other Information


Course Resources

  • Guide to Grammar and Writing
    This is a multi-faceted online resource for English writers. It furnishes information on all levels from basic sentence... More
  • Guide to Writing a Basic Essay
    The content in this module is excellent. There are examples, notes, and links to other sources. The writing process is... More
  • Rising Junior Exam: Proficiency Exam CAAP
    This site contains information on grammatical, mechanical, and rhetorical concerns that are tested on the Writing... More
  • Guide to Grammar and Writing
    "This online textbook in basic writing offers students three approaches to becoming more confident writers. Part One... More
  • Online Writing Lab
    Online Writing Lab (Simulation)
    The Online Writing Lab (OWL) is divided into six sections: 1) English 1 2) English 1A, 3) Reading to Write, 4) MLA... More
  • Thesis Builder & Online Outliner
    Thesis Builder & Online Outliner (Drill and Practice)
    Thesis Builder is designed to help students 1) Find a topic, 2) Create a good thesis statement, and 3) generate an... More
  • A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices
    A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices (Reference Material)
    This book contains definitions and examples of more than sixty traditional rhetorical devices, all of which can still be... More
  • Arguments
    Arguments (Tutorial)
    Students learn to evaluate and use evidence effectively, structure an argument, and understand shared assumptions.
  • English Composition I | Coursera